Monday, October 11, 2010

Impian Rina Akhirnya Tercapai.

Rina (Zuzafrina) Zulkifli model wanita Malaysia juga penyanyi dan usahawan internet baru-baru ini telah berjaya menghasilkan single terbaru beliau bertajuk 'Mana Satu'.
Biodata :
NAMA: Zuzafrina Zulkifli
UMUR: 26 tahun
ASAL: Selangor
ADIK BERADIK: Anak ketiga daripada enam beradik
KARIER: Penyanyi dan ahli perniagaan Internet
BIDANG SENI: Vokal,Modeling
HOBI: Menyanyi dan bersukan
PENDIDIKAN: Diploma Pengajian Perniagaan (Pengurusan), Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam
SINGLE: Mana Satu

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Amber Chia Gave Birth To Baby Boy

We at the Super Model Malaysia blog congratulate Amber Chia as the baby boy was safely due yesterday 28. September 2010. Hopefully Amber Chia and child health in good condition.

Supermodel Malaysia : First Post

Welcome to a Supermodel Malaysia Blog.

Here we will entertain you and give some information on supermodel.

If you are a teen or young adult with sights set high in the modeling world, you can achieve your dreams by learning how to become a supermodel.

How To Be A Supermodel

Choose a specialty. Most people assume that models must be tall, thin and attractive since this is often what is portrayed on television and in magazines. In reality models are needed of all different sizes, shapes and colors especially since more and more companies are opting to use “real” people in their advertisements. Depending upon your look and body type, you may find other specialties such as petite or plus size is a better fit than commercial or high fashion which uses a traditional supermodel look.

Care for your body. The most important asset you have is your body. Eating right and getting adequate exercise is key in keeping your body healthy and your overall appearance looking good. Nutrition and exercise doesn’t only affect your weight or the shape of your body, but they also can have an effect on your skin, hair and nails.

Develop a portfolio. Most models put together a portfolio they can share with agencies and prospective clients. You can develop your own portfolio by simply finding a photographer in your area that takes great photos. There should be a number of different pictures and poses in your portfolio. Make it that way so anyone can see a wide range of your skills and talents.

Attend modeling school. You don’t have to attend modeling school in order to become a supermodel, but many people do since this can help them achieve their dreams. Modeling schools aren’t guaranteed to provide modeling jobs or make you a supermodel, but they do provide knowledge about modeling and the industry. Many students also benefit as this provides them with more contacts in modeling which can lead to future jobs.

Sign with a modeling agency or representative. Allowing a modeling agency to represent you can be a great way to increase the number of jobs you have as well as advance you towards becoming a supermodel. Of course the thing to remember is that agencies to take a large percentage of what you are paid for your job, thus you may want to carefully assess whether or not it is right for you before you sign a contract.

Go to open calls. Regardless of whether or not you are managed by an agency, an open call can be the perfect opportunity for you. Not only can you land a gig, but you also may have the opportunity to get more work later on by impressing the person running the open call.

Take part in a go-see. The final step towards becoming a supermodel is to attend go-sees. These are opportunities for you to meet designers while they evaluate whether or not they want you in their runway show, catalog or more. Hopefully you do well at your go-see and book the job, which is one more step up the ladder towards becoming a supermodel.

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